Meiyang have more than 10 year of experiences in massage health care product. Our technical and industrial teams provide a pool of expertise to support you business. we manufactured high-quality, high-performance massage products with innovated functions, ergonomic design and the top-rank quality massage products, which could make your massage products business more successful.
We are owning an excellent design team with advanced ideas, using top engineering minds to carefully craft breakthrough products that can meet market needs, such us 3D massage chair, massage mattress, lumbar massage device, etc
. Our rich experience quality control team will ensure our product meet ther require standards.

How Can We Help Your Business 

Meiyang adheres to the principle of “Customer is the first key element”. Everyone of Meiyang strives to provide you with the best service in the industry and any message you receive will be answered within 24 hours with all true and accurate information because customer needs and opinions are vital to Meiyang.Meanwhile, we will share our latest developments on social media in real-time and you can interact with us by following our official account. In addition to social media and websites, you can also find Meiyang on Alibaba, the leading B2B market today. The diversified platforms will provide you with the greatest guarantee and best service.

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Product Advantage

Every massage chair produced by Meiyang embodies the efforts of engineers and workers, so we are proud of the quality. “Made in China ” is not only our own requirements but also the commitments for customers and the biggest advantage of our massage chair.Only by constantly updating technology can we get better development. Therefore, Meiyang also has a clear goal in product development. The iterative and updated massage chairs are added with new different technologies, so as to provide customers with more diverse choices, adapting to different market needs, and integrating into more people’s lives.

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5 Benefit of Massage Chair
According to The American College of Physicians and American Pain Society Report the regular massage can improve blood circulation, immune system, reduce muscle tension and pain and promote relaxation.
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MeiYang Healthcare Product Device Booth NO: G1
How to choose a suitable massage chair

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