Massage Chair 

How  Massage Chair Work 

   Massage chair is powered by an electric motor that brings the mechanical arms with massage heads and rollers (made of silicon material) into motion. The trajectories of massage arms and rollers were designed to simulate the movements of a masseuse’s hand. The rollers apply pressure through the upholstery of the chair. The massage chair we manufacture include following feature: 

1. Pre-set Programme: Easier for you to access the most commonly used functions


2. Manual Setting: Kneading , Rolling, tapping, heating, simultaneous kneading and knocking and shiatsu massage 

3. Chair Adjustment- Zero Gravity 

  Meiyang is a professional China massage chair Manufacturers and massage chair suppliers. Our factory manufactures 2D massage chairs, 3D massage chairs, and 4D massage chairs. We are owning an excellent design team with advanced ideas, using top engineering minds to carefully craft breakthrough products that can meet market needs. More than 150 experienced employees to ensure the high-quality production.


 Our products have passed rigorous certifications such as ROHS and CE. With experienced technical and industrial teams, we offer exceptional ODM and OEM services. We welcome all inquiries and guarantee a response within 24 hours.