MeiYang Electrical Tapping Shawl Massager

Main Features: 

  1. 1.Simulates a real-life massage by use of 16 kneading heads
  2. U-shaped ergonomic design
  3. Massage direction will change automatically every minute to relieve muscle pressure throughout the body
  4. Built-in advanced heat function transfers warmth to muscles and ligaments to improve the blood circulation
  5. Three intensity modes from Low to High offer a multifunctional deep and comfortable massage experience
  6. Hand-free design with an innovative hands-free belt to free your hands
  7. Textured PU holster is durable, making the fabric is soft and easy to clean
  8. Long handle strap can be used to adjust the massage position
  9. Premium breathable and comfortable 3D mesh fabric for maximum heat dissipation

Product Description: