Meiyang Electric Full Body Airbags Massage Mattress Mat Massage

US $180.00 - US $190.00

100 cartons
5000cartons / Month
1. neck-pressure: Airbags are evidently distributed on both side of the neck, pushing the neck muscles.
2. Shoulder/ back-lift: Airbags lift the entire chest upwards and gradually stretch the chest
3. Back/lumbar-support, lift torsion: The airbag lifts one shoulder and hip in the opposite direction, allowing the body to naturally complete a shoulder-to-back diagonal twist.
4. Wait/buttocks-lift: The airbags act on the waist and buttocks and lift the lumbar vertebrae, the tail vertebrae, and the tibia up one by one.
5. Legs-pressure: The force applied by the airbags will gradually deepen, and the peripheral muscles of the thighs and calves will be repeatedly squeezed.
Color Box Size:80*70*20cm
Outside Carton Size:81*71*41cm
Qty per Carton:2pcs/ctn
20FT Qty:234pcs/117ctns
40GP Qty:478pcs/239ctns
40HQ Qty:552pcs/276ctns

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